The supreme authority of the Federation shall be vested in the Annual General Meeting of Members which shall determine the general policy of the Federation and shall delegate to the Federal Council the power to carry out that policy and conduct the business of AFGW in the intervals between the Annual General Meetings of Members.

2016 Melbourne 5 November 2016 AGM Agenda Minutes of the 2015 AGM available on the Members’ Only page.

2015 Perth

2014 Adelaide held in conjunction with the GW-SA Centenary celebrations

2013 Perth

2012 Brisbane held in conjunction with the 35th Triennial Conference

Conference Theme: “Women, Work, Education”

2011 Sydney 2009 held in conjunction with the 34th Triennial Conference

Conference Theme: “Women Building Sustainable Futures”

2008 Sydney

2007 Sydney

2006 Canberra held in conjunction with the 33rd Triennial Conference