One of the hottest topics coming up in the lead-up to the IFUW Conference in Istanbul in August 2013, is the debate about the future of IFUW and how it will continue to operate.

Since the IFUW Strategic Planning Session of 2012, members of the Board and, more recently the newly-appointed Executive Director, have all been involved in looking at different possible strategies and processes to ensure the survival of IFUW.  The intent of these discussions has been to formulate proposals to be put to the membership at the Conference in August 2013.

The Board is itself divided as to how the future of iFUW will look and so we will be given the opportunity to consider and vote on two separate proposals.   The documentation for each proposal will provide a detailed supporting plan that will include budgetary considerations and the constitutional amendments needed to give effect to the proposal.

The two proposals are:

•             Proposal One is to remain in Geneva and strengthen the organization through actions to streamline governance, increase visibility and grow membership. This is the preferred option in the document prepared and circulated by the Executive Director for discussion at the February Board meeting. It is supported by IFUW Board Members Catherine Bell, Patricia Galeana, Anne Nègre and Jennifer Strauss.   Documentation for this proposal is now available. Add your Comments on Proposal One

•             Proposal Two is to downsize administrative costs by outsourcing some or all of the Office functions, with the possibility of moving a residual Office to a less expensive location. This is the preferred option of current IFUW President Marianne Haslegrave and Board Member, Willemijn van der Meer who believe that this option was inadequately investigated in the document circulated at the February meeting.  Relevant proposals have subsequently been invited from a suitable management company, MCI.  Documentation cannot be made available till after mid-May. This is the deadline set by MCI, the organization asked to make a proposal which would involve alternative plans for a completely outsourced Office and for outsourcing of Office functions with the retention of an IFUW Executive Director. Add your comments on Proposal Two

As with our own consideration of AFGW’s future, each proposal will have documentation that will be made available to each National or Federal Association.  At the conference these proposals will be considered and voted upon by Delegates.  This will also involve voting upon the requisite constitutional changes that will need to be made to support the changes.

The AFGW web-site will shortly contain information in the members section about each of these proposals and the constitutional changes.  Members are invited to access the website and to provide comments about the proposals.  We will have the opportunity to amend the constitutional resolutions as well – for a short period, so this is also open for consideration.  This information will help guide the voting of AFGW at the IFUW Conference.

Lynda Roberts-Hall

AFGW – Convenor of International Relations