AFGW Fellowships, Grants and Bursaries

Australian Federation of Graduate Women Inc. (AFGW) and its State and Territory Associations place the highest priority on providing financial assistance for women to undertake university studies.

The national body of the Australian Federation of Graduate Women Inc. (AFGW) awards Fellowships to women who are Australian citizens or permanent residents for postgraduate research.

State and Territory Association’s scholarships and awards have their own priorities and guidelines and may be limited to applicants residing in the State or Territory or enrolled at one of their universities. Please refer to the web links.

The national body of AFGW offers the following Fellowships to women for postgraduate research.

 The AFGW Fellowship

(available in 2014)    Click here for more information

  The Georgina Sweet Fellowship

(available in 2013) Click here for more information

*** Please Note ***

Unfortunately, no other national funding is available.
For other scholarship or funding opportunities please refer to the AFGW State and Territory Association and IFUW links in the left-hand sidebar or below. Here you will find more information about other scholarships, awards and bursaries that you may be eligible to apply for.
AFGW wishes you all the best in your study endeavours.


Important Information about all Scholarships

Please read the instructions carefully. Applicants who do not follow the steps outlined in this material will be disqualified.

Do NOT include letters of reference with your application. The AFGW Fellowship Officer will contact your referees if your application is shortlisted.

What are the Selection Criteria which Applies to All Scholarships?

* Academic Merit

* Motivation for research, study or training

* Originality and feasibility of proposed plan of research, study or training

* Plan for which the Fellowship or Grant will be used

* Extent to which the specialized knowledge and skills to be acquired will further the applicant’s career

* Extent to which the specialised knowledge and skills to be acquired will be of benefit to the community

* Anticipated employment or activity after completion of the research, study or training

* Evidence that the applicant has achieved a satisfactory level of research or study progress by having successfully completed the first year of the post-first degree study or research.


Past Scholarships Winners  

For a comprehensive list of past winners go to Past Scholarship Winners


Fellowship Reports

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Additional Scholarships

State and Territory Scholarships and Awards

AFGW State and Territory Associations and some of their branches also award various scholarships, awards and prizes. Information about the various scholarships, awards and prizes offered by the individual State and Territory associations and branches can be obtained directly from individual Associations. Click here for contacts and websites

IFUW Fellowships and Grants

IFUW offers International Fellowships and Grants. Click here Click here for more information Only women graduates who are members of one of IFUW’s national federations and associations (NFA) or IFUW Independent members may apply. The awards are to be used for postgraduate research, study or training.

The next competition will open in 2013 and will offer fellowships and grants for research, study and training in 2013/201

Conchita Poncini Jimenez International Human Rights Fellowship The first Conchita Poncini Jimenez Human Rights Fellowship has been awarded to Ms Bahija Alvan Aliyeva.  Read more ….

Japanese Association of University Women Fellowship