Independent membership is available to graduate women who reside in an area where there is no State or Territory Association (STA) of AFGW, or who, for a reason satisfactory to the AFGW Executive, do not wish to join an existing STA.

Application for Independent Membership shall be made on the prescribed form to the Secretary.  On approval by the Executive an annual subscription shall be paid to the Honorary Business Manager.  Independent Members’ Application Form

For the financial years 2016/17 and 2017/18 this fee is $100.00 for those residing where there is no State or Territory Association (STA) of AFGW.  The fee for those who reside where there is a State or Territory Association (STA) of AFGW is variable and can be ascertained by contacting the Honorary Business Manager at AFGW Registrar

Independent Membership shall be lost if the subscription is not paid within six months of its due date.

The academic qualifications for individual membership are as for all members and are set out in the “Who Can Join” section of the website.

Independent Members Network (IMN):  Subject to the number of independent members wishing to join, a Network may be established.  Should this be the case the members of which then have the same rights to stand for office as members of an STA.